Thoughts About Art Following My Birthday Firmly in Middle Age

Thoughts About Art Following My Birthday Firmly in Middle Age

I'm interested in the life affirming properties of the arts, I think because I had an existential outlook from a very early age, stemming from my understanding that I was born to ease the suffering of my parents following the death of my oldest brother.

Furthermore, my coming into being has been related to me all my life as something that unfolded in mythological terms: God spoke to my mother, told her he was going to give her another child, and delivered me on her birthday.

So, I'm not interested in fetishizing neurosis in art. I need art that is a beacon of goodness in this brief life in which we'll all encounter inevitable bouts of pain.

The cheerfulness of my art is not a denial of this fact of life -- but an acknowledgement of it. I do not have the privilege of playing with tragedy and pain as a form of stimulating entertainment. It's all too real.

My art is a very real comfort to me in the face of this truth, and for whatever light it can bring into other lives I am grateful.

In the same spirit, I lack motivation to create art that is an intellectual game or of a mindset that is out to impress and dominate, demonstrate how "important" I am.

If I could have a superpower it would be to give everyone a home. A safe place that beautifully reflects and amplifies the best of who they are and hope to become. Where they can unguardedly be themselves. Lay down to sleep in peace. Wake up feeling in love with the world.

As it is, I offer my paintings and the universe that they create.

                                    - Anne-Louise Ewen