About the Artist // Anne-Louise Ewen

About the Artist // Anne-Louise Ewen

Anne-Louise Ewen

Born 1976, New Orleans

Anne-Louise Ewen is a California-based artist known for her vivacious gestural works that emphasize brush work, color, and above all, freedom.   Her work includes paintings, monotypes, drawings, sculpture, ceramics, and books.


​Raised in rural South Louisiana along the Mississippi River between antebellum homes and oil refineries, she was mentored one summer in early childhood by a traveling art teacher who taught her the fundamentals of drawing with charcoal and encouraged her to practice daily, a formative experience which established art-making as an essential element of her life.

She studied fine art at the Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts (a magnet boarding school) before spending two years in Paris, France learning figure drawing and printmaking. Once back home, she attended college and founded The Donaldsonville Art Colony, a collective of painters, writers, musicians, and filmmakers.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina (2005), she moved from New Orleans to Los Angeles, opened an art gallery, and fulfilled a lifelong desire to connect with her mother's California ancestry, an artistic family which included Beat Poet Brother Antoninus.  

In 2020 she left Los Angeles for Joshua Tree, California, a small artistic community in the Mojave Desert where she spends her time painting and taking long drives through the national park.


EwenStudio.com is a small, curated selection of available works and fine art prints. To view Ewen's larger portfolio, please visit EwenFineArt.com.

Anne-Louise Ewen with oil paintings of cheetahs and zebras